Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fire At John and Nancy Gregg's--Roulette-12-23-08

Smoke rises from John & Nancy Gregg Residence as firefighters are toned out

A long shot taken from the Fishing Creek Bridge on Main Street
shows lots of smoke and noticable fire at the top of the far right
upstairs window near the chimney.

A closer shot from Pomeroy Road

Smoke turns white as firefighters get water on the fire.

Firefighters and equipment from Roulette, Port Allegany,
and Coudersport arrived on the scene very quickly.

It's obvious that the firefighters are doing their job
as the smoke lessens from the structure

Smoke continues to lessen

Star Hose Company volunteers set up water supply
in the Allegheny River at the Pomeroy Bridge

Portable pump supplies Port Allegany Engine

Star Hose Volunteers fold up a portable pond as
the fire is declared under control

Fire Policeman watches traffic at the Kim Hill end
of the fire scene at the Pomeroy Road intersection

Port Allegany Engine 33 supplies a 5 inch line to the fire scene

Hoses snake their way up Burleson Avenue the length
of two football fields to the fire scene

A ladder reaches up to the window where flames were
showing in an earlier picture.

Firemen maintain a water supply while other firefighters
mop up at the scene

A firefighter is seen opening the roof of this home
as other firefighters inside spray water out the windows
to hydronicly vent the smoke from the structure.

The heat from the fire melted the snow on the front
section of the roof

Smoke clears from the inside of the second floor

Firefighters work on the inside to put down any hot spots

Fire engines lined up in the street on Burleson Avenue

Portable pond (red in center) allows tankers to dump water
into it and engines can draft out of it, speeding up the
process of getting water to the fire.

Volunteers stand by the engines to make sure everything
is working properly

A firefighter works inside the upstairs window of the home

Here firefighters continue to overhaul the fire scene

Firemen move some contents to a safer location

Fire trucks line the street in both directions

More fire engines as Roulette, Coudersport and Port Allegany
firefighters work together to save this home.
The seal of excellence on this fire truck is a good
reflection of the professional job that these fire
crews did on this house fire today
Area fire chiefs continue to have problems with daytime
response with so many working out of town. More volunteers
are always needed to join these hometown heroes protecting
our lives and property. If you think you'd like to help, as a
firefighter, an EMT, a truck driver, a fire policeman, a bingo
helper, or a custodian at the hall, grab one of the volunteers
and put your name in. The Fire Service can use a few more good
men and women.

All photos by James Jones
(c) 2008
James can be reached at shurfine40@gmail.com

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Jeremy said...

Mr Jones,

Thank you for the support that you show to ALL!!! of the Volunteer Fire Departments in the area!!! It is always nice to see such support when reading your news...

Jeremy Chitester