Monday, July 27, 2009

Tree Damage On Upper Bark Shanty Road

Saturday 7/25/09 storm possible twister on Upper Barkshanty Road Clark's Farm

Here are some of the photos I took after the storm hit our property Saturday around 4 or 5 pm. We live on Upper Barkshanty Road. The Clark's Farm. I had to wait till the next day to get clear pictures. The ones I had taken that night before dark were not clear enough. It looks like it started up near our house and went down the driveway keeping to the left side then into the apple orchard and up into pines. It snapped really big trees right off half way up. When to look at the damage to the pine patch it looks like a twister went into it. It also damaged trees across the road. Then it must have went on to Odin.
We were lucky no one got hurt and we had no structural damage to any of our barns or our houses. The cows were fine they didn't even try to escape even with the fence damaged in quite a few places.
Sherry Clark

Monday, March 2, 2009

Roulette Chemical Engine No. 1 Firemen's Appreciation Dinner--2-28-09

Roulette firefighter Mike Ingalls was MC for the event on
February 28, 2009 where firefighters and ambulance volunteers
were recognized and recognized others at the
Annual Fire Department Appreciation Dinner held
at the Roulette Fire Hall

Solomon's words editor James Jones was completely taken
by surprise when awarded "Photo Man Of The Year" certificate

State Police Fire Marshall Dave Surra was the keynote speaker
for the event. Dave showed photos from several fires showing how
he had determined the cause of the fires.

Fire Marshall Dave Surra described how several arson fires
were solved by co-operation with firefighters in gathering

State Police Fire Marshall Dave Surra speaks to a full house

Fire Marshall Surra has been stationed at the Coudersport Barracks
for three years. He was previously stationed at Mansfield.

He hails from nearby Elk County

Mike Ingalls adjusts the microphone for Shirlee Winans,
who presented a plaque and donation to the fire department.
Shirlee thanked the fire department for honoring her husband,
"Skip" Winans, who recently passes away. Skip was given a
last ride on the fire engine from the funeral home in Coudersport
to his burial at the Card Creek Cemetery on Kim Hill Road.

Potter County Commissioner Doug Morley accepted an
appreciation award for the Potter County Commissioners.

James P. Steiner, Emergency Management Coordinator of the
Potter County Department Of Emergency Services speaks briefly
after receiving his appreciation certificate. Jim has worked closely
with the Roulette Fire Department on several incidents over the
last year.

Potter County Coroner Kevin Dusenbury is shown
receiving his appreciation certificate.

Roulette Fire, Chief Ray Kulp, passed out awards

Roulette Firefighter Rich Curfman spoke briefly. Rich was
the recipient of several awards this year.

Roulette Fire Policeman Harry Boyer (standing) returns
to his seat after receiving his award for his response.

Tim Spencer (standing) received an award for his responses.

Roulette Ambulance Chief, Dawn Bacon, recognized her crew
for their incident responses.

Jeff Fessenden received a certificate.

Frank Kaziska (left) helps out with the awards

2009 Roulette Chemical Engine No. 1 Line Officers
Back row from left--Rescue Lt. Chad Spencer; Rescue Captain
Mikey Ingalls; Fire Police Lt. Larry Commino; 3rd Assistant
Chief Wade Sprankle; Fire Police Lt. Tim Spencer.
Middle row--Assistant Ambulance Chief Frank Kaziska; Ambulance
Chief Dawn Bacon; Fire Police Captain Rich Curfman.
Front row--2nd Assistant Chief Brad Tucker; Chief Ray Kulp.

2009 Area Fire Chiefs In Attendance At Roulette Awards Dinner
From left--Port Allegany Chief 3-20 Fred Roys; Port Allegany Chief 3
Kevin Ernst; Roulette Chief 46-20 Brad Tucker; Roulette Chief 46-30
Wade Sprankle; Roulette Chief 46 Ray Kulp, Austin Chief 44-20 Mike Bacon.

2009 Ambulance Officers
From left--Chief 46-71 Dan Reilly; Austin 44-70 Nate Burgett;
Chief 46-70 Frank Kaziska; Port Allegany Ambulance Chief 3
Nancy Hardes; and Chief 46-60 Dawn Bacon.

Chief 46 Ray Kulp; State Police Fire Marchall Dave Surra;
and Chief 46-20 Brad Tucker.